NYT: Ms. Le Pen failed to “undemonize,” spectacularly.

Mr. Brown was probably trying to make the point that video games are held to a different, higher standard than books. That is true, but it brings to mind the fact that “All Quiet,” both as a book and as a film, was quite important in helping to undemonize Germany in the interwar period. “All Quiet” helped establish the idea among Americans that the Germans were an essentially honorable foe and that all men at arms ultimately have more in common than politicians would have us believe.

October 17, 2015 Daniel Kreps Rolling Stone

Just days after the first Democratic presidential debate, Bernie Sanders visited Real Time With Bill Maher Friday, where the host, a Sanders supporter, hoped to "un-demonize" the word "socialist," a term that scares off 53-percent of voters.

Apr 27, 2017
French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen’s success in the first round of elections was widely attributed to her hard-fought effort to “detoxify” her far-right National Front party of the anti-Semitism that marked its past, and to root out Holocaust minimizers from its leadership. There was even a French word coined for the effort, dédiabolisationliterally, “undemonization.”

In the end Ms. Le Pen failed to “undemonize,” spectacularly. She failed during the course of the campaign, when her angry rallies drew the Front inexorably back into the swamp from which it had emerged. And then she failed decisively in one of the campaign’s critical moments, last week’s debate with Mr. Macron, when she effectively “redemonized” herself and the party, as many French commentators noted.

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