Following the trail of tweets for clues

Josh Marshall

Without the need of an argument or storyline, I want to put together some key facts tied to last night’s events...

...Five:There have been various press reports about how long Trump had been planning to fire Comey or considering firing him. But most settle on the importance of one week. Sometimes it’s about a week, or at least a week, or a week – but one week comes up in almost every account. What happened one week before yesterday, May 9th? Notably, exactly 7 days earlier Trump launched what was then his most recent tweetstorm against Comey. This was the first of two tweets on May 2nd.
That tweet was from late on the evening before what proved to be Comey’s final testimony to Congress as FBI Director. In the event, the headlines from the May 3rd testimony turned mainly on Comey’s defense of his oversight of the Clinton probe. But his earlier testimony on March 20th was the first official confirmation that the FBI was probing collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. That must have been emblazoned in Trump’s memory.

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